Isaac Congdon
Independent Beachbody Coach
Coach ID: 1249415

~ Lose Weight – Get Healthy – Exercise ~ 

As a Beachbody Coach I am committed to helping each one of my customers succeed in their fitness and health journey. If you are not meeting your goals I am not meeting mine. Every step in your journey I will be available to you for support and motivation.

Challenge Program Results:


Personal development has played a key role in our success. Here I will share my story, experiences, and knowledge with you. There’s no sense repeating my mistakes!


My personal journey started with fitness and losing weight. Yours doesn’t have to, but if you want to get in better shape, lose weight, or get ripped… it all starts right here and now.


Let us share the tips, tricks, and hard truths about starting your own business and making it successful. There aren’t any shortcuts, but I bet I can shorten the learning curve!


I lost 100lbs using Beachbody Programs and Shakeology

Have you been struggling to lose weight? Are you disappointed with previous programs or gimmicks that just don’t seem to work? I know, because I was once 100lbs heavier and extremely disappointed that i couldn’t get the weight off. That is, until I found Shakeology and the Beachbody Programs.

I am going to be honest with you, getting in shape requires a decision and commitment on your part. But with me as your coach and Beachbody supplements and programs to help you improve, we can make a huge impact on the way you live your life.

Imagine having more energy. Being more confident at the beach or by the pool. Feeling good about your body and feeling healthy. I run challenge groups every month with people of all fitness levels and backgrounds. You can feel confident knowing that i am here to support you and continue to motivate you on your fitness journey.

You don’t pay me anything to be your coach. I come free when you purchase any of Beachbody’s products through me. To enter into any of my challenge groups you either need to be drinking shakeology, doing a beachbody program, or both. Do this and i will provide you with the knowledge and encouragement that helped me to drastically lose weight and regain control of my life.

Unsure which products will help you on your fitness journey? No problem. Click on the link below to sign up for free and i will reach out to you personally to discuss what will work best for you.

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